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NASA Eclipse Kit Supply List

nasa eclipse kit supply list

We are pretty excited to start our second homeschool year tomorrow with the NASA Eclipse Kit! While our big plan for science is middleschoolchemistry.com, we’re going to take a couple detours first, including the Eclipse Kit and The Science of Climate Change before we jump into chemistry. 😀 You can download your NASA Eclipse kit … Continue reading

Mood Journal for Tweens

Mood Journal for tweens

Over the last few months I’ve noticed an uptick of me saying, “Oh MY WORD!! What is going on with you?!” followed by a reply of instant tears and “I don’t even know!!” It’s incredibly frustrating and overwhelming to be in such an irrational place with my kiddo. And it’s heartbreaking. She literally doesn’t know what is making … Continue reading

Homeschool Art and Lessons from Calligraphy

learn to do calligraphy

Hanna went to art and music camp last week, as she does every summer, however, this year, one of the options was to learn to do calligraphy. She wasn’t sure she really wanted to learn calligraphy, but after taking the class for a week, she’s hooked. Lucky for me, since it was already part of … Continue reading

Science Subscription Box: Our Tinker Crate Review

Last Summer we tried to build a rocket. We used The STEAM Kids book, which I love. Our rocket was a bust. Turns out our cork had a hole in it, (um, hello, corkscrew) so it wouldn’t allow pressure to build, which is what makes the rocket take off. This is why I LOVE science … Continue reading

Our 6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

6th grade homeschool curriculum for our secular relaxed eclectic homeschool

Last year was our first year homeschooling… we didn’t really have a specific plan. We used a little of this, and a little of that, and spent the year falling in love with learning again. I’m happy to say my kiddo is gladly reading books again, and asks questions and researches for the answer in … Continue reading

How Do Fireworks Work: The Chemistry of Fireworks

chemistry of fireworks: How do fireworks work?

We are not huge fireworks people, but this year we stopped and bought some. As a homeschooling mom, my first thought is how do fireworks work?! As I’m finding an answer to this question, I realize it’s chemistry! Yep, the chemistry of fireworks is what makes all the gorgeous colors. Using different chemical mixtures in the … Continue reading

Darn Good Yarn Wrap Around Skirts

Wrap around skirts from Darn Good Yarn

My wrap around skirts from Darn Good Yarn arrived in the mail today. I’ve been like Hanna waiting on an American Girl magazine when it came to waiting on these skirts! Checking my mailbox every day, staring out the window stalking waiting for the mailman to come. It all started with a facebook ad, or was … Continue reading

My Morning Basket Summer 2017

If you’d asked me about my morning basket last year I would have laughed. 😀 That’s not something we do. We are secular homeschoolers. We don’t study Bible verses in the morning. Morning basket? Nope, not for us, thanks anyway. Many varied books. Then I heard the phrase many varied books. It’s a phrase that comes … Continue reading

3 Tricks to Find the Best Books for Tween Girls

best books for tween girls

This year my entire goal, when it came to reading, for our homeschool was to help Hanna reconnect and remember her love for reading. She loved to read when she was little, but as the years in public school went on she lost the love, and in fact, claimed an outright hatred for reading. GAH! … Continue reading