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Homeschool Week In Review (Year 1 Week 10)

Homeschool Weekly Wrap Up Year 1 Week 10 YouReallyCanHomeschool.com Homeschool week in review Year 1 Week 10 YouReallyCanHomeschool.com Homeschool Weekly Wrap Up Year 1 Week 10. YouReallyCanHomeschool.com

Lat week we had some mysterious health stuff going on. We’ve figured it out though and we’re back on track this week. We learned a lot, and had a ton of fun doing it. 🙂

Here’s the highlights. 

YouReallyCanHomeschool.com weekly wrap up week 10

We started using the History Mysteries book to help pull more history into our days, and started with the Mary Celeste mystery. We didn’t come to an answer, of course, but it was fun to contemplate the possibilities. We also continued our study on China. She built an abacus, and is learning about Chinese calendars and getting ready to make her own, thanks to Surprise Ride.

YouReallyCanDoIt.com weekly highlights week 10

We did a lot of science this week. We learned about seed dispersal with Mystery Science, and did a fun experiment trying to keep our seeds out of the “zone of darkness”… aka the shade of the host tree, so it will sprout. We also learned how plants native to Hawaii appeared on an island all the way around the world. We had an impromptu STEAM challenge, to build a house strong enough to withstand a natural disaster (aka the fan). Which, after some rethinking of her design, it totally did! YAY!! She also discovered, quite by accident, that magnifying glasses can burn. So, we experimented with the concept, and figured out why and how that happens. We got to smoke, but didn’t make fire.

We read Mrs Katz and Tush for our Living Lit ELA program, (you can get a 20% discount through Oct 30th using coupon code FALLFUN) which I LOVE! She worked on a variety of elements for language arts as well as sentence writing and vocabulary, all using a picture book. <3

We also read Day of the Dragon King (that was part of the Surprise Ride) and after reading this list of Favorite Books for 5th Graders we started reading Peak. We’ve switched between reading out loud together and listening to the audio book in the car together. I’m really enjoying this book. So much so, that I told her I was going to sneak it up to my room and finish it while she was asleep. I didn’t do it, but it is a really good book we’re enjoying. 🙂

YouReallyCanHomeschool.com weekly highlights week 10

And last, but definitely not least, since she was feeling better this week we were able to get out and spend time with friends. We went on a gorgeous hike yesterday with some friends. (and I apparently need to get more exercise because I’m paying the price today lol).

So that’s the highlights of our week. I’d love to know how your homeschool week went, if you have a weekly wrap up post share the link in the comments or just share your favorite moment of the week.

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  1. Dawn says:

    What awesome learning! I love your choice in books. I remember them.
    Blessings, Dawn

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