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NASA Eclipse Kit Supply List

We are pretty excited to start our second homeschool year tomorrow with the NASA Eclipse Kit! While our big plan for science is middleschoolchemistry.com, we’re going to take a couple detours first, including the Eclipse Kit and The Science of Climate Change before we jump into chemistry. 😀

You can download your NASA Eclipse kit here. As always, there are supplies involved. 🙂 Your supplies will depend on which activities you choose to do from the kit, here are the activities and supplies you’ll need for each.

Solar Eclipse Glasses at Steve Spanler Science

NASA Eclipse Kit Supply List: 

Living in a Bubble: 

small compass and bar magnets
paper, tape, pen/pencil


UV Beads and pipe cleaners
things that may/may not filter UV rays to test: sunscreen, sunglasses, regular glasses, paper, cloth, hats, plastic, window glass, water

Seeing the Invisible: 

smartphone/digital camera
tv remote control

Let’s See Light in a New Way:

spectroscope, white paper, light source

A Light Snack: Cookie box spectroscope

cookie box, tape, scissors, sharpie, diffraction grating (one per spectroscope), black electrical tape

Make Sun S’mores (Solar Oven)

oven thermometer, cardboard pizza box, box knife/scissors, aluminum foil, tape, glue stick, plastic wrap, ruler/straight edge, stick or ruler (to prop box open).

s’more supplies: graham crackers, large marshmallows, plain chocolate bar (thin), aluminum pie pan, napkins

How Big is Big (Solar Pizza):

solar pizza (cardboard cutout), 100 ft (or shorter) measuring tape

Earth as a Peppercorn:

9 index cards, marker, 8 inch ball, pinhead (2), peppercorn (2), chestnut  or whole pecan, a hazelnut or acorn, peanut, or coffee bean, outdoor area up to 1/6th mile in length

Sun Tracking: 

vertical pole (stick, stake, pencil), open location on a sunny day, rocks or 3 other markers.

Waxing and Waning:

20 moon balls, 20 pencils/skewers, light bulb or bright flashlight, dark room, masking tape

How Do Eclipses Work?:

folding yardstick, binder clips, 1 inch balls, 1/4 inch beads, long wooden toothpicks, index cards

When Day Turns to Night:

smartphone, google science journal app, digital thermometer, tape and string, paper/notebook, pen/pencil, outdoor location

Make an Eclipse Viewer: 

cardboard box, scissors/box knife, masking tape, white paper, pin, duct tape

Eclipse Chalk Art:

dark paper (not construction paper), white chalk, pencil, scissors, masking tape, circle templates cut from cardstock, file folders or cereal boxes

And last, but not least… make sure you get your solar eclipse glasses!

Solar Eclipse Glasses at Steve Spanler Science

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  1. Theresa Schwerin says:

    Check out the Homeschool page on the NASA Eclipse site: https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/homeschool

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