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A New Kind of Strewing

This year we set Hanna up with her own email account. It started so she could keep in touch with her old PS friends, which is an important part of the transition from public school to homeschool, but it quickly become so much more.

Her email address has become this fantastic communication tool. 🙂 (Imagine that lol).

There are so many times when I come across something interesting, or fun, a video I think she’d like to see. Before I’d try to save it, and would always forget the “safe place” I put it or get busy and forget to tell her about it. Now I just zip it off to her in an email. 🙂

Here’s a quick example. I just saw this post on Facebook. I thought she might enjoy following along on this journey. We are studying Asia this year, and she loves Youtube, and food videos. 🙂

I sent her the post, along with a note that Korea is in Asia. 😉

She checks her email frequently, but I don’t send things that are important or time sensitive this way. I do those face to face. This is kind of my way of “strewing”. I am not invested in her “studying” anything I email her. It’s just cool stuff I think she might like. There’s no pressure on her to dig into it. Maybe that’s what makes it work so well, because many many times she does. 😉

Tell me… do you use email to communicate with or send fun things to your kids?

Tell me all about it. Join us over at the home for Secular Relaxed Eclectic Moms Homeschooling Older Kids. We’d love to have you. <3

Talk soon,

Jackie Lee

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