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The Homeschool Day No One Ever Talks About

the homeschool day no one ever talks about

This homeschool thing is a roller coaster. I’m not talking about the long term, over weeks and months of the homeschool journey either… I’m talking the roller coaster days. The day no one tells you about. We have had a lot of amazing homeschool days. In fact, we’ve had a few perfect homeschool days. Those days that are the epitome of everything I ever dreamed homeschool would be. I share a lot of those good moments and days, on this blog, and on Facebook and Instagram. I think most homeschool moms do. And that’s all fine and good. It’s fun to see what other people’s homeschool looks like. There’s a problem with it though. You end up thinking everyone’s having all these perfect homeschool days. You end up thinking everyone’s homeschool is going perfectly, and easy, and fun, with all this notebooking, and special projects, and unit studies without resistance or … Continue reading