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Our Favorite Classroom: Car School

If you haven’t done it yet, you’ve got to try it. It is literally my favorite part of being a relaxed, eclectic homeschooler. What is it you ask?! Car School! That’s right, some of our most productive, and amazing homeschool days happen in the car. There’s something about the car, the confinement, the inability to run away, the lack of distractions (minus Sean Mendez on the radio lol). We end up car schooling quite a bit, not only because we love it, but also because we live far away from just about everything. 🙂 It takes us 20 minutes to the closest town, an hour to a real town and an hour to get to our homeschool meetups, so in that time we can accomplish a lot. Yesterday we had to take an impromptu trip to Oklahoma City. We are adding a truck to our fleet, and my husband needed … Continue reading