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How to Help Your Reluctant Reader Enjoy Reading Again

You might remember the post where I shared different books my reluctant reader actually enjoyed reading. It’s gone a bit further than that… she’s gotten to the point where she doesn’t even want to talk about book, even less read them. 🙁 I tried quite a few different things, different books, reading then watching the movie, nothing really worked. I went to one of my favorite facebook groups and asked what they would do, the most popular answer, by a long shot, was audiobooks. Me, I never even thought of audiobooks… because listening to a book isn’t really reading it, is it? It really isn’t in my world, but apparently not everyone holds my world view. 😉 At the time she really wanted to know the story of Ann Frank, but just couldn’t get herself to read the book. We started talking about listening to the audiobook of Ann Frank, but it … Continue reading