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How We Do Science

how we do science

This is my first summer as an actual homeschooler. Last year, it was all the planning to BE  a homeschooler. I was planning like crazy. Turns out, only one thing I planned worked. That was Science. 🙂 The perspective is interesting on this side of the first year. It’s kind of interesting impossible trying to plan something you’ve never done, because you don’t know what you don’t know. Almost everything I put together last summer was shot down by the kiddo. Intellego Unit Studies. Nope. American Girl Unit Studies. Nope. This amazing Microscope unit study. Nope. (Are you seeing a pattern here? I totally thought we would be a unit study homeschool lol… Turns out… no to the no to the no no no.) The one thing I did last summer that went over well, so well, we’re going to continue it next year was science. I picked up Mystery … Continue reading

Hand Held Microscope: Take Homeschool Science Everywhere

hand held microscope take homeschool science everywhere

Before we started homeschooling my mom gifted Hanna a microscope one year. As I was researching homeschooling, and putting together all the curriculum we were going to use I found this awesome unit study for the microscope. My kiddo LOVES the microscope. I thought we’d be golden. <3 HA. Not so much. The first day of “school” we pulled out the microscope, and our unit study and she was like. Oh. Hell. No. She did the first worksheet, but that’s about as far as we got. Well, I let go of the Unit Study (maybe next year she’ll be ready for more “schooly” type work), but we kept trying to use the microscope. We tried to look at water from our pool (after it sat around for a while). We tried to look at blood (after I cut my finger cooking dinner one night) and so many other things… but we … Continue reading

Bottle Flip Challenge (and the science behind it)

My kiddo is all about the Youtube challenges these days. She’s having a blast recreating all the challenges she can find. She is quickly adding videos to her Youtube channel. One of her latest videos was about the Bottle Flip Challenge. It goes a little like this. Grab a few water bottles, fill them up with different amounts of water, flip the bottle and see if you can get it to land on end. 🙂 It’s pretty simple, but it is fun to try, and there’s actually a lot of science behind why it works and doesn’t work. Hanna doing the Bottle Flip Challenge:   You’ll notice she managed to flip and land the first two, but not the third. She tried and tried (and tried and tried) to land that almost full bottle, and it never happened. We got to thinking about this… what’s up with that almost full … Continue reading

Kitchen Science: Making Bagels

Kitchen Science Making Bagels

My kiddo is in love with science, and she loves baking. She was intrigued when I told her baking is all about chemistry. I’m not sure she actually believed me. 🙂 We’d been talking about making bagels for a while, so it was a perfect time to show her baking is more than fun, it’s kitchen science! I’m going to be honest, making these delicious New York style bagels is time consuming… but it is bread. However, while the dough is rising it’s a great time to dig into the science involved. 🙂 The Kitchen Science in Making Bagels We found quite a few resources that helped us understand the science of baking bread and the differences between plain bread and bagels. Here’s some bread science 101. This goes over the basics of yeast, and baking powder, and the basics of how it all works. We supplemented this article with … Continue reading

Stem Challenge ~ Natural Disaster Edition

STEM Challenge Natural disaster edition

Last week we tried something new. An impromptu stem challenge. 🙂 Hanna wanted to do more science, so I looked through our STEAM Kids book and found a project she could work on independently. (Have I mentioned how much I love our STEAM Kids book, and now there’s another STEAM Powered Kids book all about the senses?!) Anyway, she said she wanted to build something, so I looked through the build section of the book and came up with an engineering project. We were out of mini marshmallows, but did have raisins still in the house (from making Kabuli Palau during our Afghanistan study!). I gave her toothpicks and raisins and an invitation to build something. She started building a house. She had some problems with her house. The walls wouldn’t stay up for one. Which led to some investigating and testing of ideas on how to get the walls standing. … Continue reading

Homeschool Week In Review (Year 1 Week 10)

Lat week we had some mysterious health stuff going on. We’ve figured it out though and we’re back on track this week. We learned a lot, and had a ton of fun doing it. 🙂 Here’s the highlights.  We started using the History Mysteries book to help pull more history into our days, and started with the Mary Celeste mystery. We didn’t come to an answer, of course, but it was fun to contemplate the possibilities. We also continued our study on China. She built an abacus, and is learning about Chinese calendars and getting ready to make her own, thanks to Surprise Ride. We did a lot of science this week. We learned about seed dispersal with Mystery Science, and did a fun experiment trying to keep our seeds out of the “zone of darkness”… aka the shade of the host tree, so it will sprout. We also learned how … Continue reading

Steve Spangler Science Club Review

When we started homeschooling this year, one of my biggest concerns was science. My kiddo is a science fanatic, me, not so much! I was a little worried about being able to have enough science around for her to do and stay happy. I found Mystery Science which we do weekly and absolutely LOVE, but once a week science just isn’t going to cut it around here. We need more like DAILY science, HA twice a day science is more like it. I started looking around at science subscription boxes to add to our science time, and was happy to see there are quite a few. We are trying some of them out and we’ll let you know what we think. Steve Spangler Science Club is the first science subscription box we’ve received. They sent us a free box to test out, and tell you what we thought. While the box … Continue reading

Bottle Rocket Experiment ~ STEAM Kids

STEAM Kids bottle rocket experiment ~ YouReallyCanHomeschool.com

I bought a copy of STEAM Kids last night. I’ll be honest, I saw this book the day it came out and didn’t order because I didn’t know if it would be appropriate for my 10 year old. It seemed like the experiments were meant for much younger kids. However, last night I was talking to my friend and fellow homeschooling mom Jen, from Practical by Default, who has kids older than mine, and she was super excited about it. I have a little “patience” problem, so I ordered the ebook version. Immediately I started looking through it and saw a bunch of experiments I thought Hanna would like. She woke up this morning and looked through the book, and started making her own list. The first on the list was Bottle Rockets. I didn’t really plan on doing any of these experiments today, in fact, I had this super … Continue reading