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The Easiest Way to Finally Learn Multiplication Tables

learn time tables the easy way

Times Tales is on sale now through April 9th for a fantastic price of $13.56. I’ve never seen it priced so low, so I thought I’d share our story of using Times Tales. It was over a year ago, when my kiddo was still in public school. Click the image below to purchase immediately. (You can always come back and read our story when you’re done. 😉 )   I was about at my wits end. My kiddo was in 4th grade, and still hadn’t learned the times tables. She had been struggling a little more each year to keep up in math. It was frustrating, but really quite sad because she used to LOVE math, and then I was more frequently hearing “I hate math! I’m no good at math.” We’d tried everything, flashcards, multiplication war, computer games, everything I could think of.  It didn’t seem to matter how long we spent trying … Continue reading