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Bottle Flip Challenge (and the science behind it)

My kiddo is all about the Youtube challenges these days. She’s having a blast recreating all the challenges she can find. She is quickly adding videos to her Youtube channel. One of her latest videos was about the Bottle Flip Challenge. It goes a little like this. Grab a few water bottles, fill them up with different amounts of water, flip the bottle and see if you can get it to land on end. 🙂 It’s pretty simple, but it is fun to try, and there’s actually a lot of science behind why it works and doesn’t work. Hanna doing the Bottle Flip Challenge:   You’ll notice she managed to flip and land the first two, but not the third. She tried and tried (and tried and tried) to land that almost full bottle, and it never happened. We got to thinking about this… what’s up with that almost full … Continue reading