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30 Days of Homeschooling: Week In Review

homeschool week in review 1

It was pretty amazing this week when I looked at the calendar and realized we hit our 30th school day of homeschooling on Tuesday! It’s been a whirlwind 30 days! We’ve definitely had our ups and downs and this week (for the most part)… was an up. In the beginning (you know, a month an half ago lol) I made the big mistake of trying to jump right into homeschool (yes, I knew all about deschooling, but thought we were immune lol). Now when my  kiddo sees the words “unit study” she gets a panicky look in her eye. 🙁 But as much as she’s learned, I’ve learned just as much. I still use unit studies, they just look really different than they did at the beginning (and we don’t call them by name anymore). This week’s Unit Study was on Afghanistan. I’ve already shared our whole unit study with … Continue reading

Snack Subscription Box: Urthbox Review

snack subscription box ~ urthbox review

It seems today you can have just about anything mailed to you on a monthly basis, from fun activities for kids, science projects, a trip around the world from your kitchen table, even healthy organic snacks can now be found in a snack subscription box service. That’s exactly what Urthbox is; a healthy snack subscription box.  We received a complimentary Urthbox in the mail yesterday in exchange for an honest review, and believe me, all the opinions are ours. (Although Hanna is still learning the difference between “good video” and an honest review… but we’ll get to that in a minute). The Urthbox arrived at our doorstep intact. (We’ve had  other subscription boxes come a little bit crushed). When we opened the box we were met with a box chock full of snacks. As we began pulling things out I was a little surprised by just how many full size snacks were packed … Continue reading

The Big 5th Grade Picture Book Experiment

The Big 5th Grade Picture Book Experiment

Long before we made the final decision to homeschool I’d been doing my research. I had researched all the different philosophies of homeschool, a ton of different curricilum, and had even picked out exactly what we were going to do. Until one day I found a post about “what kind of learner is your  child?”. Which got me thinking… all the stuff I’d picked out was about the things I loved… not necessarily the things she loved, or the way she learned. 🙁 It didn’t take long, one day exactly, to realize if she didn’t like it, it wasn’t going to work! One of the biggest, heck the main reason we chose to homeschool was because every day, every year, in public school my daughter’s love of learning just disappeared. I can remember when she walked into her very first classroom, she was simply buzzing with a love of learning. That … Continue reading

Surprise Ride ~ Smile

Surprise Ride (Smile) Review

This is our first year homeschooling. We’ve been at it a almost 3 weeks now. As we sat down the first week, Unit Studies in hand, I quickly realized we were going to need a little more deschooling time. I made the decision to try a bunch of different things to see what sparked interest, and then go from there. Subscription boxes seemed like a perfect fit for this plan. 🙂 Enter Surprise Ride.  What is Surprise Ride? Surprise Ride is a monthly  themed box that comes directly to your door. Inside you’ll find 2 hands on activities related to the theme of the month, as well as a book and a snack, and a couple extra fun things… and what I loved most… everything you need to do everything in the box. I mean everything. I received a free box to review for this blog, and of course all opinions are … Continue reading

How to Help Your Reluctant Reader Enjoy Reading Again

You might remember the post where I shared different books my reluctant reader actually enjoyed reading. It’s gone a bit further than that… she’s gotten to the point where she doesn’t even want to talk about book, even less read them. 🙁 I tried quite a few different things, different books, reading then watching the movie, nothing really worked. I went to one of my favorite facebook groups and asked what they would do, the most popular answer, by a long shot, was audiobooks. Me, I never even thought of audiobooks… because listening to a book isn’t really reading it, is it? It really isn’t in my world, but apparently not everyone holds my world view. 😉 At the time she really wanted to know the story of Ann Frank, but just couldn’t get herself to read the book. We started talking about listening to the audiobook of Ann Frank, but it … Continue reading

Books for Girls Who Hate To Read

books for girls who hate to read

My daughter used to like to read. Then she didn’t. The downward spiral began when she was in public school and had to start reading  20 minutes a day. She’s the kind of kid who rebels when you start telling her she has to do something. We used to fight tooth and nail when it came to 20 tiny minutes of reading. It was a knife to my heart! Being an avid reader, it was hard to see my kiddo, who used to love to read, not want to read at all anymore. But… I was persistent and willing to buy books and books and books until we found something that captured her interest, and got her reading. (It was still a struggle, but a little less so). This is one of the main reasons we ultimately took her out of school and decided to homeschool. It broke my heart to … Continue reading