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Bottle Rocket Experiment ~ STEAM Kids

STEAM Kids bottle rocket experiment ~ YouReallyCanHomeschool.com

I bought a copy of STEAM Kids last night. I’ll be honest, I saw this book the day it came out and didn’t order because I didn’t know if it would be appropriate for my 10 year old. It seemed like the experiments were meant for much younger kids. However, last night I was talking to my friend and fellow homeschooling mom Jen, from Practical by Default, who has kids older than mine, and she was super excited about it. I have a little “patience” problem, so I ordered the ebook version. Immediately I started looking through it and saw a bunch of experiments I thought Hanna would like. She woke up this morning and looked through the book, and started making her own list. The first on the list was Bottle Rockets. I didn’t really plan on doing any of these experiments today, in fact, I had this super … Continue reading