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Stem Challenge ~ Natural Disaster Edition

STEM Challenge Natural disaster edition

Last week we tried something new. An impromptu stem challenge. 🙂 Hanna wanted to do more science, so I looked through our STEAM Kids book and found a project she could work on independently. (Have I mentioned how much I love our STEAM Kids book, and now there’s another STEAM Powered Kids book all about the senses?!) Anyway, she said she wanted to build something, so I looked through the build section of the book and came up with an engineering project. We were out of mini marshmallows, but did have raisins still in the house (from making Kabuli Palau during our Afghanistan study!). I gave her toothpicks and raisins and an invitation to build something. She started building a house. She had some problems with her house. The walls wouldn’t stay up for one. Which led to some investigating and testing of ideas on how to get the walls standing. … Continue reading

Bottle Rocket Experiment ~ STEAM Kids

STEAM Kids bottle rocket experiment ~ YouReallyCanHomeschool.com

I bought a copy of STEAM Kids last night. I’ll be honest, I saw this book the day it came out and didn’t order because I didn’t know if it would be appropriate for my 10 year old. It seemed like the experiments were meant for much younger kids. However, last night I was talking to my friend and fellow homeschooling mom Jen, from Practical by Default, who has kids older than mine, and she was super excited about it. I have a little “patience” problem, so I ordered the ebook version. Immediately I started looking through it and saw a bunch of experiments I thought Hanna would like. She woke up this morning and looked through the book, and started making her own list. The first on the list was Bottle Rockets. I didn’t really plan on doing any of these experiments today, in fact, I had this super … Continue reading